print note book singapore print note book singapore
Wondering how you can best compete in the modern marketplace (in Singapore)?
Not sure how to effectively brand your business and expose potential clients to your product or company?
Search no further. offers premium design and printing services for customized notebooks. Promote your
business with effective and repeated impact using printed notebooks. Don’t just hand out a business card. Impress your
customers with something that they can use and be reminded of your brand. 
After a friendly meeting with a potential client, give him or her a specially designed note book as a token of your appreciation
and that may help you to stand a better chance of closing a deal or be remembered when you do a follow-up call later. Be
different, stand out from the crowd with printed notebooks! 
A customized notebook is a memorable marketing tool. By creating a custom notebook, you are differentiating yourself from
your competitors, and making sure that customers are being exposed to your brand and products each and every day.
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Why Is a Customized Printed Notebook Your Best Marketing Tool?
Repeated Advertising:
 By creating a custom brand notebook, you are repeatedly advertising your brand to a potential
 The potential client will utilize the notebook for weeks and months to come, increasing exposure and
memorability of your brand.
Practical Engagement:
 Gone are the days of newspaper ads and flyers. We don’t keep flyers or brochures, but we keep
something that we can use.
How We Can Help You To Print Your Own Printed Notebook? 
Customize an attractive notebook cover
Add company logo, product and service information
Share your business story
Include contents that explain your business’ expertise
Include useful information/ inspirational quotes applicable to everyone
Custom-design and creative note-taking pages
Create promotional messages
Print small or big quantity
The option for customization is endless. Don’t worry that you can’t write a word. We can help you to create articles, contents
on any topic to impress and engage your potential customers. Let us handle the writing, design and printing —so you can
focus on bringing in more profits for your business.
Don’t be shy. Talk to us today.
print note book singapore print note book singapore print note book singapore print note book singapore print note book singapore
Tel: +65 9002 2959
Notebook Specifications:
Notebooks are available in 2 sizes:
A5, 148mm x 205mm
A4, 205mm x 295mm
Minimun Order: 50 copies per order
Choose 50 pages, 100 pages or 150 pages
Cover: 260gsm Premium Art Card - 4c on front and back cover + lamination on front cover
80gsm Woodfree - 1 color printing inside
Finishing: Wire 'O', Spiral Binding
Choose lines or no lines for the inside pages
Other Options:
Provide your own texts and inside artwork, or request for our design service to create a creative and original
design for the inside pages. Your imagination is unlimited when you work with us! 
Customised writing for the inside texts featuring your company’s products or services or any content that can add
value to your customers! Be creative with your content!
Provide your own artwork for the cover or let us design for you an attractive and unique cover.
Email or call us for a quotation.
Tel: +65 9002 2959
print note book singapore print note book singapore
Notebooks Are Great Party Gifts!
Give every kid that comes to your kid’s party
something to remember! Print your own
note books now! Print the date and name of
your kid inside too!
Print a special notebook for
special celebrations and
events like birthdays and
weddings! Its fun!
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